Fiduciary Duties Initiatives

Since the foundation in 2007, we have operated under the management principles that include: “all officers and employees acting on the basis of trust and integrity with a sense of ethical values,” “helping our customers and society develop by pioneering new fields for the near future of the financial industry and pursuing innovative business models,” and “steadily providing banking systems that leverage cutting-edge information technology.”

Specifically, to embody these management principles, we set and work towards the goal of “providing easiest-to-use, attractive full internet banking products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year” for our customers.

Fiscal year 2021 marks the 14th anniversary of our establishment. To keep providing products and services that better serve the true interests of our customers well into the future, we will continue to practice our fiduciary duties by newly establishing the Action plan, which set out initiatives we have been taking, and implementing action plans under the framework.