About Us

Message from Top Management

Amanéku, Integrity and Innovation

President and CEO Noriaki Maruyama

Why do technology and data science continue to evolve?

They must not be used to create monopolies or increase
the uneven distribution of wealth.

Rather, it must be to create opportunities for all who are in need.
To inspire a world of diversity and dynamism,
leading to a vibrant cycle of abundance in society.
We believe that technology and data should only exist
to serve these purposes.

Our mission is to carry on the spirit of public service and integrity,
which is the very reason for the existence of banks.

Moving away from monopolies to fair competition.
Moving toward a society in which affluence spreads.

Based on our DNA, which is fortified with creativity and innovation.
With data, in the spirit of integrity we will create an infrastructure
where wealth can be more evenly shared with all people.

Be brave and act without fear.

President and CEO
Noriaki Maruyama